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Speech-to-Text (STT)

Skrivanek AI introduces a comprehensive suite of Speech-to-Text (STT) services, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s for basic understanding or publication-ready content, our AI-driven transcription services offer flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. Based on the quality and clarity of the audio input, clients can choose from three distinct levels of service to suit their specific requirements.

for basic understanding

Raw AI output

When the audio quality is sufficiently clear, clients may opt for the ‘raw AI output’, the most cost-effective variant of our STT services. This basic version provides a straightforward transcription of the audio for purposes of general understanding. It’s an ideal choice for quick insight into the content without the need for detailed editing or formatting.

enhanced accuracy with human touch

Reviewed AI output

For those requiring a higher level of accuracy, our ‘”reviewed AI output’ involves a comprehensive human review of the raw AI transcription. This post-editing process ensures that the text accurately follows the original audio, including correct punctuation, capitalisation, numerals, proper nouns and correctly spelled abbreviations. This option is perfect for clients who need a faithful representation of the audio content, with attention to detail that only a human editor can provide.

Sophisticated editing: publication-ready transcriptions

Our most refined service involves sophisticated editing of the AI output to prepare it for publication. This includes the removal of redundant elements such as duplicate words, repeated expressions, slips of the tongue or hesitation sounds. The final text is also stylistically enhanced, offering a polished version that surpasses the spoken original in clarity and readability. This service is tailored for content that will be published, requiring the highest standard of transcription quality.


transcription accuracy

All three variants of our STT services are delivered in a simple text format, complete with approximate time stamps (by paragraph or sentence) and speaker differentiation. This ensures that clients not only receive accurate transcriptions, but also have the context and clarity needed for their specific use cases.

Why choose Skrivanek AI for STT services?

Choosing Skrivanek AI for your Speech-to-Text needs means opting for a service that combines the latest AI technology with human expertise. Our tailored approach ensures that whether you need a basic transcription for internal review or a sophisticated edit for public dissemination, we have the solution. With Skrivanek AI, experience the future of transcription services, where technology meets customisation to fulfil your every requirement.

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